Ultrasonic Belt Cleaner

Thick Film

Gas-phase ultrasonic cleaners are often referred to as ultrasonic cleaners. First, it cleans the workpiece in an organic solvent by strong ultrasonic cavitation. Then the workpiece enters the steam area of the gas-phase cleaning machine; the steam will condense and catch the dirt from the surface of the workpiece; as the water droplets fall, the dirt will be taken away. Finally, the workpiece enters the freezing zone for freeze-drying. The gas-phase cleaning machine uses organic solvent as the cleaning agent, which has a strong ability to dissolve oil stains; through the action of ultrasonic waves, it will perform better. Ultrasonic cleaner is always a great option for our furnace.

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A few parameters affect the cleaning:

The different object uses different ultrasonic frequency. For example, heavily polluted objects (such as hardware, machinery, automobiles, compressors) generally use a 20KHz frequency. Optics, optoelectronics, circuit boards, and laboratory tools generally use a 40KHz frequency; most household parts also use this frequency. Electronic components, Integrated circuits, silicon wafers, and thin films are mostly cleaned at 80KHz or higher frequency, which can remove micron and sub-micron dirt without damaging the parts.

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Our standard is 0.3-0.5W/cm2; for cleaning hardware, machinery, and other severely polluted parts, we set the power to 0.5 -1W/cm2; 600-1000W for Ultrasonic Belt Cleaner.


Different cleaning objects have different cleaning times. The appropriate cleaning time (general cleaning time is 10-20 minutes) will maximize the cleaning effect of the sample. If the time is too long, the cleaned sample will cavitate, affecting the appearance of the part. If the time is too short, it won't clean up completely.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning Solution

The ultrasonic cleaning solution is a mix of detergents, moisturizers, and other reactive mixture components. The correct selection of solution should consider the cleaning effect as well as preventing reactions between cleaned objects and cleaning solution.

A good belt furnaces can prevent a lot of the problems above.

Our belt furnaces are great at:

  • Transmission accuracy (2%).
  • Temperature uniformity ( 1 C).
  • Control accuracy ( 1C).
  • Great atmosphere control.
  • Scientific heating/cooling control.
  • Money saving from energy bills and our low bad product rate.