What Causes Thick Film Products to Have Inconsistent Resistance?

The cause of various resistances and our mitigation

Furnace Temperature

Thick film products manufacturing could encounter a lot of challenges, such as product color inconsistence, product resistance inconsistence, product fragmentation, etc. Our furnace has mitigations for them all. In this article, we are going to talk about what cause resistance inconsistence and how our furnaces solve this.

The main reason for the various resistance values of the products is because of the temperature difference inside the belt furnace. There are three main reasons that cause temperature difference inside the furnace:

  • Cross belt temperature uniformity
  • Temperature cut off point at zone intersections
  • Temperature control precisions of equipment temperature

We use Experiment + simulation to optimize the temperature uniformity. With individual calculations for each furnace, we reduced the across belt uniformity to 1C.

Cross Zone Temperature Uniformity

From experiments, we always found that the temperature is cut off in the zone intersection.With furnace structure and heating method optimization, we reduced the cross zone temperature uniformity to 1.5C.

With high end control system (PID, module,meters), the control accuracy is 1C.