The Influence of Belt Furnaces on the Post Mold Cure Process


Post mold cure (PMC) is one of the most significant processes in electrical industry. This process exposes part of a mold to elevated temperatures in order to speed up the curing process and to optimize some of the material's physical properties. The PMC process will expedite the cross-linking process and will properly align the polymer's molecules to make a stronger part with better high temperature characteristics. Much like tempering steel, post curing thermosetting can improve physical properties above what the material would normally achieve at room temperature, such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and can modify the temperature of heat distortion. Moreover, post mold cure process is the most common strategy used today for warpage problem solution. Finally, it can also deal with the outgassing phenomenon during IC package. Given the benefits of PMC processing, it is widely used in the electrical device industry. It is easy to find the application of PMC in many facilities, and there is a large number of companies using PMC on their products.

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