How to Solve Thick Film Color Inconsistency and Fragmentation

Thick Film

Thick film products manufacturing could encounter a lot of challenges, such as product color inconsistency, product resistance inconsistency, product fragmentation.. etc. Our furnace has mitigations for them all. So, what causes product color inconsistency (black, yellow or discolor between sides) and product fragmentation? How do our furnaces solve them?

The product color inconsistency is caused by the air circulation inside the belt furnace. There are four ways to achieve a better product color consistency:

  • No dead-end design for gas flow
  • Excellent exhaust capacity
  • Consistent oxygen pressure
  • Product surface cleanness

There are two regions to reduce the product fragmentation rate:

  • Controlled heating rate
  • Controlled cooling rate
No dead-end design Our HSK series Thick film furnaces have:
  • No dead-end design for gas flow.
  • Strong chimney.
  • Uniform exhaust box design.
  • Uniform intake box design.
  • Scientific temperature control.

  • Scientific temperature control

    Depending on the product's size, weight and thickness,there are different cooling combinations.

    When the heating rate and cooling rate are kept below the control line, with our great temperature uniformity, the fragmentation rate will be reduced.(Our fragmentation rate is <0.0001)

    A good belt furnaces can prevent a lot of the problems above. Our HSK series Thick film furnace is great at:

    • Transmission accuracy (2%).
    • Temperature uniformity ( 1 C).
    • Control accuracy ( 1C).
    • FEC (Fully Enclosed Coil) Heaters.
    • Scientific heating/cooling control.
    • One of the most energy saving fast fire furnace.