Influence of Belt Furnace on Glass-to-Metal Seal Process


Glass, under suitable conditions, will bond well to a wide variety of metals and alloys which has led to the development of many useful technologies. One of them is Glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) technique. GTMS becomes a popular and low cost method to hermetic sealing, which is an important part of design of many products today. The GTMS is a fusion bonding technique; glass is heated to a molten state and bonds to the metal. Bonding occurs through wetting and chemical reactions between the metal and the glass. In addition to providing seal, the glass acts as an insulator between one pin to another and housing. GTMS has a lot of advantages, such as effective hermeticity; resistance in harsh environments e.g. against corrosive material, vibrations, serious temperature fluctuations; long-term, reliable protection of the packaged component. A large number of products use GTMS technology for its excellent value. The applications include Electronic and photonic package, aerospace, automotive, battery feed through, high vacuum, medical, military and sensor housing. Soft glass is the appropriate bulb or tube material for incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

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