Ways to Make Sure Your Furnace Wall is in Good Working Order

How does the inner wall affect the furnace?
How do you measure the wall thickness during use?

Inner wall for the Fast fire furnace has a significant impact to the service life of the furnace. The kiln body refractory materials, especially the inner wall of the furnace, have to constantly withstand high temperature, weight load, and temperature changes. The volatilization of the compounds, organic binders, inorganic modifiers from the produced components during the heating process will corrodes the inner wall; soften and deform the wall; reduce the energy efficient; casing defect products, and even causing the kiln to collapse in extreme cases.

A conveyor belt furnace is a device used for rapid heating of substances, using a conveyor belt to move materials through a heated chamber. Belt furnaces have a lot of applications: Thick film, Glass to Metal Seal, Brazing, Direct Bond Copper (DBC), Surface Mount, Water/Solvent Drying, Annealing, all kinds of solar cells and more.

Therefore, the inner materials of furnace have to be designed to resist the erosion. The following methods can be used to detect the thickness of the inner wall of the Fast Fire sintering furnace; it could also work for some other belt furnaces as well:
  • Stress wave method: The stress wave signal is highly sensitive to structural defects. When the stress wave propagates in the medium, holes and cracks on the interface of the thick film furnace will cause the wave change (reflection, refraction, scattering). Thus, the stress wave can be used for determining the thickness of the inner wall.
  • Capacitance method: The capacitance method is like the resistance method. A coaxial circular capacitor sensor is embedded in the inner wall of the thick film furnace, and its capacitance value corresponds to its thickness. Therefore, the capacitance can be used to approximate the wearing of the wall.

By the method above, it is easy for furnace operator to preliminarily determine the working state of the furnace. The health inner wall can not only guarantee a better efficiency but also better products that furnace produces. If you have more questions about your belt furnace, please contact Torrey Hill Technologies.