LTCC and Hybrid Modules Production Line Set Up

Due to higher operating frequencies and miniature size (hence, higher thermal load of hot spots) of modern electronics LTCC is gaining more and more attention. The old technique becomes more popular due to its unique RF and thermal performance, recent qualification of LTCC materials for use in space-grade electronics and base material cost going down.

LTCC and Hybrid Modules Production

Since 2008, our team has installed several turn key facilities for LTCC production, as well as many individual units, such as via fillers or precision quartz chamber ovens. We operate on a long-term agreements with top equipment manufacturers from the USA and Europe and provide for hands on training of customers' operators and technicians.

Phase 1: Equipment Selection, Delivery, and Installation

  • Floor plan and utilities advice on construction phase
  • Entire highly integrated production facility for LTCC and advanced packaging line, starting from ceramic powder milling, slurry preparation & tape casting (76 main items of capital equipment) configured, delivered and installed
  • Prior to SAT, a 2-week Customer Training was performed

LTCC and Hybrid Modules Production

Phase 2: Know-how Transfer and Coached Production Using Test Coupons

  • Further training and internships for customer's operators and process engineers for 8 weeks in total was performed during SAT
  • LTCC test coupon was used during installation and SAT phase

Phase 3: Fine Line Process Setup Using Test Coupons

  • Multilayer fine line thick film process development was ordered after main LTCC process set up
  • Test coupons was used to demonstrate photoimageable fine line process boundaries in real life

LTCC and Hybrid Modules Production

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