San Diego Company Obsoletes the Old Way of Buying Industrial Furnaces


Ken Kuang
(858) 558-6666

(SAN DIEGO, C.A., October 10, 2006) -- Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC announced today in San Diego, Calif. a pioneering method for purchasing industrial furnaces through its newly launched sales division Customers can now use the same easy steps as buying a computer to get 2,000-pound industrial furnaces. Other benefits include extra low prices and super fast delivery.

¡°The initial responses from our clients are very positive,¡± said company President Ken Kuang. ¡°They are thrilled by the advantages this ground-breaking approach promises to bring about.¡±

Partnering with the topnotch Chinese electronics applications belt furnace manufacturer, the company markets standardized products, a first in the industry, with limited options for customization. Its website,, simplifies the complicated industrial furnace purchase process into three easy steps: ¡°choose a basic model¡±, ¡°add the appropriate options¡±, and ¡°obtain quotes¡±. Potential buyers thus come into possession of all the pricing, specification, and delivery information even before they talk to a sales representative. More importantly, standardization allows the company to offer prices up to 60% lower than the market price, as well as a short lead time of 2 to 3 weeks between order and delivery. Kuang said that by cutting cost on first-rate industrial furnaces, ¡°our customers will be able to turn out products of the highest quality at the most competitive price in their markets.¡±

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