Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC's belt furnace approved for CSA standard


Ken Kuang
(858) 558-6666

(SAN DIEGO, CA , January 13, 2012 ) -- Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT) announced today that it has received CSA marking approval for its HSA1503-0409ZNH conveyor belt furnace which was built for Royal Canadian Mint from Canada.

The CSA marking approval declares that THT’s belt furnaces have been tested to a Canadian or U.S. standard and meet the essential requirements of an applicable CSA standard.
Equipped with Inconel 601 muffle and ceramic quartz tube heating elements, THT’s conveyor belt furnaces feature fast thermal response, uniform and stable temperature control and highly efficient operation, making them ideal for rapid thermal processing. These furnaces are widely used in brazing, annealing, solar cell manufacturing, semiconductor packaging, circuit board assembly, and the processing of advanced materials such as thick film, metals, ceramics, and various electronic components.

“The CSA marking approval demonstrates our continuing commitment to dependable, reliable and quality furnaces,” said Ken Kuang, president of Torrey Hills Technologies. “It will allow THT to greatly expand its business opportunities in the North America and International market.”

About Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC ( is a leader in developing and delivering quality yet affordable equipment and supplies for multiple industries. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its business from microelectronics packaging components to large-scale furnace equipment for semiconductor packaging, circuit board assembly, advanced materials processing and solar cell (silicon, thin film, and 3rd generation dye sensitized solar cells manufacturing). Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the company now has customers located around the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.