belt furnaces for solar cell and electronics assembly

ABOUT US is operated by Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. It is a vanguard site for you to shop for conveyor belft furnaces in such a way as to buy a laptop. We standardize the most commonly utilized belt furnaces provided with the most popular options for customization. It gives you the advantages of easy-to-figure-out specifications and a short lead-time of 2-3 weeks. We work hard to make the quality of our furnaces match the market leader's, and we are able to offer prices 30-40% lower than the market price.

Our conveyor belt furnaces serve diverse industries such as solar cell (photovoltaics) manufacturing, microelectronics packaging, which includes IC, SMT, HIC, MCM and MEMS applications, and advanced materials, including thick film, electronic component, ceramics and metals processing applications. We already have customers located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

About Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC is a California corporation headquartered in San Diego, California (San Diego County). Torrey Hills Technologies is currently owned by a small group of private investors and G Tech Systems Group, Inc. (a California corporation, most with substantial experience in the semiconductor industry.

Torrey Hills Technologies, in conjunction with GTSGI China, designs, produces and markets various microelectronics and packaging materials, components and equipments. Our goal is to help our customers lower their manufacturing cost and improve their profitability.

We have assembled an initial management, technical and marketing team (including GTSGI US and China personnel) that has the experience and expertise necessary to meet the challenges that lie ahead and get the job done. Our products and technologies will be introduced to companies that require high-reliability and high-performance heat transfer capabilities for their commercial and Hi-Rel applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers and suppliers achieve higher profitability by providing innovative products and services, and to create outstanding values for our shareholders and employees.