belt furnaces for solar cell and electronics assembly


HENGLI is becoming a leader in the manufacture of drying and firing furnaces for silicon, thin film and dye solar cell processing.

Silicon solar cell manufacturing requires thermal steps such as in-line diffusion, metallization, and anti-reflective coating. HENGLI furnaces are specialized in the metallization process which includes solar cell drying and firing. At present, we provide thermal solutions for the whole metallization process.

The price advantage has also make HENGLI brand extremely popular among 2nd and 3rd generation solar cell manufacturers. HENGLI furnace has achieved efficiency and excellence in the firing of metal contacts in thin film and dye solar cell productions.

Working with its customers, HENGLI is dedicated to the development and commercialization of DSCs (Dye Solar Cells), which have the potential to cost less than $1.40 per peak watt and be much less sensitive to partial shadowing and low-level illumination.

Typical Products
  • HSK2503 (Z)-06A Solar Cell (Photovoltaics) Firing Furnace
  • HSK3003 (Z)-09A Solar Cell (Photovoltaics) Drying & Firing Furnace
  • HSG5504 Far Infrared Belt Dryer