belt furnaces for solar cell and electronics assembly

OUR PRODUCTS offers a standardized range of drying and firing furnaces for the solar cell and electronics assembly industries.

RSK Series Fast Fire Belt Furnaces are widely used for the manufacturing of thick film circuits, passive components, precision resistors, component termination and many others. Rated to 1050°C, the RSK Fast Fire Belt Furnace series are featured with fast temperature responses between heating and cooling in less than 30 minutes, and ultra-clean low-mass refractory heating chamber along with uniform temperature distribution. Fast fire is a good choice for energy-saving high temperature processing in air.
Compare to BTU Fast Fire 9", 14", and 25" furnaces

RSK2503 (Z) 06A Solar Cell (Photovoltaics) Firing Furnace is featured with high-density IR lamp heating, special water and air mixed cooling module, and stable driving design with digital speed display. It can work up to 4000 mm per minute for contact pastes firing, which increased the machine turnover capacity significantly with. The special designed heating layout, atmosphere system and chamber structure work ultra effectively for P.V. product manufacturing.
Compare to BTU PV-600 Series

RSK3003 (Z)-09A Solar Cell (Photovoltaics) Furnace brings together solar cell drying and solar cell firing as an integrated system. By doing this, the solar cells transfer directly from the drying oven into the firing furnace without additional handling, which improves efficiency and optimizes throughput. The combination lowers the costs for equipment, utilities, and factory floor space.
Compare to BTU PVD-600 Series

HGL6003 Thick Film Drying Oven is often used for drying and curing inks/pastes before firing thick film circuits. Infrared heating technology, SUS belt conveyor and tunnel, and perfect exhaust design together make the HGL 6003 a cost-effective thermal processing oven.
Compare to RTC D-600 Series

HGL-5504 Far Infrared Belt Dryer operates at temperatures from 250C up to 300C. It is perfect for drying solar cell inks or pastes before thick and thin film circuit firing.
Compare to RTC D-900 Series

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belt furnaces for solar cell and electronics assembly industries