Here you can find a series of videos introducing you to our furnace structure, furnace application, and some furnace customers. Just click on the thumbnail to watch video.

IBM is now using our HSH furnace in their R&D department for the development of highly efficient solar cells.

Fireclay Tile uses our furnace to turn recycled material into green and durable glass or ceramic tiles.

The HSH furnace installed at the IBM facility.

Different componets inside the furance: nitrogen supply, motorbelt cleaning brush, thermocouple, and control panel.

A type of monitor screen with shielding is placed on a piece of fiberglass cloth and put through HSK belt furnace

Our HSG belt dryer under full heat.

HSK furnace with the panels removed to show the inside. Customer is recording temp profile with thermocouple.

HSK7503 is installed in the R&D department of the largest thin film solar cell manufacturer.

The furnace is used in an R&D department heating coated glass samples to up to 695C.

HSG drying furnace opearting at 120ˇăC. You can see the heater going on and off to maintan the right temperature.

HSK furnace control panel showing data on sample firing.