Achieve Optimal Process Faster and With More Accuracy

belt furnace thermal profiler

We have formed a business alliance with KIC to speed up the optimal thermal process setup of our belt furnaces through the use of KIC thermal profilers.

Based in San Diego, KIC is the leader in thermal process development and control products. For nearly three decades it has advanced industries worldwide with their innovative technology firsts. KIC thermal profilers, including the KIC Vision, are great accessories for belt furnaces. These profilers remove the complexities typically associated with thermal process setup, allowing furnace operators to easily acquire an accurate product thermal profile and quickly achieve the optimal process.

KIC recently developed profiling and thermal process optimization tools for the solar cell manufacturing industry. These tools take advantage of KICí»s extensive technology platform developed in the semiconductor and SMT industries. They are designed for quick and accurate profiling and process optimization for higher efficiency cell manufacturing. The product range includes the SunKIC profiler, the e-Clipse TC attachment fixture, and the Spectrum process optimization software.

belt furnace thermal profiler belt furnace thermal profiler belt furnace thermal profiler