Everything You Need to Know About Belt Furnace Thermal Processing

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Conveyor Belt Furnace Thermal Processing will appeal to engineers working in the industry, and condenses more than a decade?s worth of application experience on furnaces. The various topics discussed include conveyor furnaces, belt furnaces, solar cells, brazing furnaces, thick film furnaces, and furnace air flow and reflow. There are chapters on the influence of belt furnace and firing on silicon solar cells, thin film CIGS solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, crystalline solar cells, and lithium ion batteries, as well as how the processes affect the efficiency of each. The authors also address the influence of belt furnace on various processes such as metallization, engine valve heat treatment, brazing, post mold curing, and glass-to-metal sealing. The last few chapters also address Direct Bond Copper (DBC) technologies, and the effect of profile and atmosphere on the reflow process.Check out more details on Amazon.

Author and CEO Ken Kuang is a top expert on belt furnace and its diverse applications. Torrey Hills belt furnaces have been installed all over the world in manufacturing facilities and research labs. Happy customers include Apple, IBM, Eaton, NASA, Schott, Materion, Skyworks, and so many more.