Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC receives order from OYO Geospace (Geospace Technologies)


Ken Kuang
(858) 558-6666

(SAN DIEGO, CA, August 16th, 2011) -- Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, announced it today that the company has received an order from GeoSpace Technologies for a HSG 6010-0304 Fast Drying Belt Furnace.   Geospace Technologies a listed company and leading manufacturer and supplier of recording instrumentation solutions, precision sensors, seismic cable assemblies and connectors for land and marine oil and gas exploration.
The furnace will be used for the drying of Metallo-Organic Paste, Thick film resistor paste, Glass paste, Photo resistor paste, etc.
“We feel very pleased that our rapid drying technology is able to help the company meet their goal of innovation and production,” said Ken Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies, “I believe that our expertise in thick film technology dedicated service, high quality standards, and competitive price were key factors in being selected by GeoSpace.

About Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC ( and ) is a leader in developing and delivering quality yet affordable equipment and supplies for multiple industries. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its business from microelectronics packaging components to large-scale furnace equipment for semiconductor packaging, circuit board assembly, advanced materials processing and solar cell (silicon, thin film, and 3rd generation dye sensitized solar cells) manufacturing. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the company now has customers located around the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.