Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC receives order from Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy (ITER), Spain.


Ken Kuang
(858) 558-6666

(SAN DIEGO, CA, June 16, 2012) -- Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, today announced the receipt of an order from Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy, a premier institute in the R&D of solar cells in Spain, for an HSH2003-0410 solar cell firing furnace.

The equipment will be installed and put to work at ITER in year 2013. Belt furnace processing is used by the institution for the research and development of high efficiency solar cells.

"ITER is our first customer in Spain to utilize Torrey Hills’ HSH series IR belt furnace in the R&D of solar cell wafers,” said President Ken Kuang. “We are very pleased that our rapid thermal technology will help the institution meet the goals of their R&D process. Also, ITER is achieving great savings on investment through our competitive pricing."

Training of ITER electrical and mechanical engineers has been included free in the sales package.

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