Six Main Characteristics of Electronic Packaging Design

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A good packaging design may involves multiple parameters. However, there are mainly six characteristics of electronic packaging.

Thermal performance

Thermal resistance is the package's ability to remove heat. As an important component of packaging design, the devices should be well performed in high temperatures to ensure that the operations are reliable.

Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity is an electrical signal quality measurement. We want to ensure package parasitic capacitances and inductances don't affect the signals.

Power Distribution

The package needs to let the current integrated circuit work and also be able to handle the highest peak of the IC.


All package pins should be able to solder without too many handling precautions.


The prototyping of the packages should have the ability to verify if all pins are correctly soldered.Reliability

The package design needs to consider positional problems related to thermal, mechanical, and corrosion. The package must be reliable for a long time even in the worst environment.

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